Christ the Redeemer
Embassy Suites Verdae

1030 AM Sundays


Christ the Redeemer Exists to love God and to love people in word and deed.

We are a new church plant in Greenville. This means that much like a seed that is planted and grows, so also the Bible speaks about the Gospel being sown and grows. A church is a living organism of people who believe in Jesus and seek to live out a life devoted to him in the service of others. Whenever a new church is started, the term “plant” is used to highlight this living aspect of the church.

Why a new church?
There certainly are many churches in Greenville. Several of those churches will be closing their doors. Why not just help them out by joining them? There is a need for many different kinds of churches in the Greenville area. Because every church is a living organism, the people that make up that church necessarily cause it to take on certain characteristics and a personality. There are many different kinds of people that will resonate with various churches. We seek to serve people who resonate with a simple faith expressed on Sunday with an explicit order of worship in the Baptist tradition.

What to Expect:

Two of our Core Values at Redeemer are Liturgy and Simplicity. You will see these two values at our Sunday morning worship service in that there are no dimmed rooms or stage lights or other accoutrments. Please check out a sample of our Order of Worship to get an idea of how our services are structured. Merely having an ordered service does not mean that there is a certain expectation on the worshiper to dress or act a certain way. People wear whatever they are comfortable with. You will see people in jeans and a t-shirt and others in a suit. Whatever aids you in worship, we want you to do that. We choose songs that complement the order of the biblical storyline and in response to the various movements of the Gospel. This often looks like a mix of old hymns and more contemporary songs sung to a piano and guitar.


Christ the Redeemer
Emabassy Suites Verdae
670 Verdae Blvd
Greenville, SC 29607